Corrie Pikul

Corrie Pikul

Multi-media journalist & editor.

I'm a writer, editor and content strategist with 18 years communications experience. My passion is health and wellness. (These are just some of my clips; more are available upon request.)

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201703 omag daily workout longer life 949x534 article

Tiny Changes that Help You Live Longer

Beat the clock with these research-backed strategies.

Yahoo sizing article article

The Reason Why Your Clothes Don’t Fit

Sizes are more like guesstimates than prescriptive measurements, leading to a lot of angst and frustration in the changing room and disappointment in front of the mirror at home. Here's how this happened.

Screen shot 2016 08 08 at 4.27.34 pm article

How to Be Healthy at Every Age

​A decade-by-decade playbook for being healthier in the years to come.

Screen shot 2016 07 28 at 10.20.16 am article

Plan. Prep. Protect.

To bring this awesome-looking mini-site project to life for, I assigned and edited the sections on vaccines and prenatal testing, and reported and wrote the section about cord blood banking. (This mini-site, which lives on, was sponsored by the Cord Blood Registry.)


Health Watch Video Series

I helped to create a capsule series of 11 consumer health videos for I pitched the ideas, sourced and interviewed experts, and wrote the script for each video (I also wrote all promo copy). I collaborated with a great team at Reuters that included a producer, camera person, video editor and graphic artist. Topics covered: diet and metabolism, sugar and the brain, jet lag, sleep apnea, the biomechanics of running, cancer treatment, depression, multivitamins, probiotics and more.

Cancer understand odds article

The Amazing New Ways We're Fighting Cancer

I was the print & digital editor of SELF's 2015 cancer package, a multi-platform report on the state of cancer research, with inspiring, insightful dispatches from people with personal experience.

Mystery diseases article

Not Feeling Right? This Could Be Why

It's not "nothing," it's not a cold, and you've ruled out stress, exhaustion and a crappy diet. Here are some other possibilities to consider.

549e27d001bc2   the clock watcher 2 lg article article

The Clock Watcher: Women and Baby Lust

How do you know when--or if--you should have a baby? Corrie Pikul investigates.

Secretly tired article

Signs Your Body Is Too Tired to Go On (Even if You're Not)

You can function just fine on 6 hours of sleep a night...or so you think. Here's how to tell if you're secretly sleep-deprived.

549e2d83d8685   the fast and the furious lg article article

The Fast and the Furious

Find out how an avid runner deals with a debilitating injury.

Mistakes sad article

What Not to Do When Feeling Sad

Turns out that a lot of the things we do when we're blue often end up making us feel worse.

Killer body article

The Killer Body Workout for Summer

Our workout, developed by an exercise physiologist, is based on the latest fitness research to truly get you into shape fast (which is good, because the weather is already heating up).

Corrie and desmond horizontal article
The Huffington Post

10 Things Nobody Told Me About Breastfeeding

The uncensored truth wouldn't have dissuaded me from breastfeeding my baby, but it would have helped me cope with the seemingly endless barrage of challenges. Here's what I wish I'd known.

Cf586eae26cbefa96454706573afe52953743bec article article article article

The New Hot Diet Is... Weight Watchers?

How #ww is thriving despite the rumors that diets are dead.

Leaveworkatoffice article

How to Leave Work at the Office

Stop lugging home all of your job stress and actually start enjoying your time away.