Corrie Pikul

Corrie Pikul

Multi-media journalist & editor.

I'm a writer, editor and content strategist with 18 years communications experience. My passion is health and wellness. (These are just some of my clips; more are available upon request.)

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How to Be Healthy at Every Age

‚ÄčA decade-by-decade playbook for being healthier in the years to come.

549e27d001bc2   the clock watcher 2 lg article article

The Clock Watcher: Women and Baby Lust

How do you know when--or if--you should have a baby? Corrie Pikul investigates.

549e2d83d8685   the fast and the furious lg article article

The Fast and the Furious

Find out how an avid runner deals with a debilitating injury.

549e17f3370f4   anteed can eating more be the key to never dieting again lg article article

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Can Eating More Be the Key to Never Dieting Again?

Corrie Pikul reports on the new philosophy of fullness.

Cradle robber article

Cradle Robber?

How to factor the cost of a kid into a paycheck-to-paycheck life

549ddcb7eca41   beauty spotlight maria siemionow lg article article

Beauty Spotlight: Maria Siemionow

This ground-breaking transplant surgeon gave face-lift an even loftier meaning.

549dd2053b79f   second life 1 lg article article

Amy Poehler

The Saturday Night Live star helms a show of her own.

549e21a607176   confessions of a facebook stalker 3 lg article

Confessions of a Facebook Stalker: The Good and Bad of Checking Up on an Ex

Learn how snooping on an ex may hold us backand how it could help us move forward...

549e10fd6c6b7   matt bomer catch him if you can lg article

In White Collar, Matt Bomer Has Us Begging to be Grifted

In White Collar, USAs popular new series about a ridiculously good-looking con man, the breakout star has us begging to be grifted...

549e114f7b0fc   body issues marina abramovic s new moma retrospective lg article article

Body Issues: Marina Abramovic's New MoMA Retrospective

The performance artist has made a career out of enduring the kind of physical and mental torment that would make any persons toes curl.

549e1c4fb3551   a mother in the trenches 1 lg article article

Life in a Family-Unfriendly Nation

A Conversation with Sharon Lerner, Author of The War on Moms.

54a012388b270   amy lehman lg article

The Fixers

ELLE honors nine women who are educating, rebuilding, doctoring, employing, and sustaining the world.

549e173bcc0d5   elle gold awards 2010 5 at 25 3 lg article article

Gold Awards 2010: 5 Young Environmentalists Who Are Changing the Planet

In ELLEs 25th anniversary year, Corrie Pikul talks to five young environmentalists who, only a quarter of a century old, are already gold stars.

549e01e0055d5   book release girldrive lg article

Book Release: Girldrive: Criss-Crossing America, Redefining Feminism

Nona Willis Aronowitz and Emma Bee Bernstein on hitting the road and redefining feminism...

549e1c7aef8c8   camera guy ron galella lg article

Smash His Camera: An HBO Documentary Turns the Lens Back on Ron Galella

An HBO documentary turns the lens back on the famous photographer...