Corrie Pikul

Corrie Pikul

Multi-media journalist & editor.

I'm a writer, editor and content strategist with 18 years communications experience. My passion is health and wellness. (These are just some of my clips; more are available upon request.)

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New York Magazine

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An archive of articles by Corrie Pikul for New York Magazine....

New York Magazine

Ancestor-Worship Chic

Do cramped New Yorkers want the spirits of their departed forebears as roommates?

Satc080602 560 article
New York Magazine

The ‘Sex’ Tour Guides

Carrie fan? These girls want to show you around.

Nano060626 560 article
New York Magazine

Take a Nano-Vacation

Ten great weekends; no La Guardia required.

Otherfifthave 400 article
New York Magazine

The Other Fifth Avenue

Brooklyn’s main shopping thoroughfare, in Park Slope, is the inverse of Manhattan’s: No national chains or luxury brands, just owner-operated stores stocked with handcrafted gifts you won’t find anywhere else.

New York Magazine

Tokyo on the Hudson

Spend a vicarious day in Japan, thanks to a local boom in imported goods.