Corrie Pikul

Corrie Pikul

Multi-media journalist & editor.

I'm a writer, editor and content strategist with 18 years communications experience. My passion is health and wellness. (These are just some of my clips; more are available upon request.)

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Cancer understand odds article

The Amazing New Ways We're Fighting Cancer

I was the print & digital editor of SELF's 2015 cancer package, a multi-platform report on the state of cancer research, with inspiring, insightful dispatches from people with personal experience.

Aimee mullins biography article article article

What It's Like To Be Aimee Mullins

Having changed the cultural conversation about people with prosthetics, shes now asking the world to look beyond her legs as she pursues a lifelong passion for acting.

Allergic to light article

What it's Like to be Allergic to Light

After developing a sensitivity to light that is extremely rare and unbearably painful, Anna Lyndsey was forced to leave her job, shutter her home and live in near-total darkness. Yet in her new memoir, Anna's optimism, hope and humor continue to shine through.

Huntingtons disease film 870 article article article

Would You Want to Know if You Had Huntington’s Disease?

A powerful documentary follows a young woman confronting her genetic destiny.

Sunscreen fertility article

How Sunscreen Could Protect Your Fertility - SELF

The weird connection between the suns rays and the health of your future children (and grandchildren)....

Organized desk space 200x200 article

The Quirky Solution to Your Work Stress - SELF

This surprising desk accessory nurtures a calmer mind....

Runner triathlon finish line1 200x200 article

Bailey Matthews Triathlon Finish

Get a hefty dose of inspiration from this 8-year-old-hero....

Reece volleybally abs lead 200x200 article

How to Get Insane Abs Like Gabrielle Reece - SELF

The beach volleyball player shares her go-to sculpting moves....

Health news 2014 article

The 7 Ways Women's Health Changed Forever in 2014 - SELF

Seven ways womens health changed forever this year....

Kerri walsh jennings beach volleyball article article

A Pilates Abs Workout That'll Make You Feel Invincible

How Pilates keeps Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings strong and limber year-round.

Doctor office article article article

Best Way to Screen for Cervical Cancer? (Depends on Who You Ask)

What you need to know about the test that may replace your Pap smear.